TBY talks to Kelly Kalumba, Managing Director, Green Code Architects on the sector.

Kelly Kalumba

How do you assess recent changes in the field of architecture in Zambia?

In the last eight to 10 years there has been a boom in the construction industry in Zambia and standards are on the rise. We have begun to see more links being forged between architects from Europe, Zambia, South Africa, and Asia. It is difficult to assess the benefits of Chinese construction projects, since while these offer opportunities for industry growth, these companies have a tendency to import materials, equipment, and staff, rather than deploying homegrown Zambia professional capacity, which does not bode well for sustainable growth in the country.

What is your outlook for the industry in the coming years?

The outlook looks good. Last year was a difficult one across all industries in the country, owing to the recession and the political uncertainty during the election period. However, since the beginning of this year things seem to be turning around. Many projects that were on hold are now being taken up again, and it is becoming easier to secure funding for large-scale developments. The next six to eight months in Zambia will be exciting as far as the construction industry is concerned.