Zambia 2017 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Steven Barry, Managing Director, G4S, on the sector.

Steven Barry

What is the significance of G4S' operations in Zambia?

G4S has been operating in Zambia for over 50 years, from Lusaka down to Livingstone, while the other is the northern region of the Copperbelt, up to the DRC border. We are by far the largest security company in the country when it comes to employee numbers and revenue. We have over 6,000 employees in Zambia and three main revenue streams. The basic “manned guarding spaces" is our largest operation; however, we also have a significant cash solutions business here as well, which has the cash-in-transit service with a network of armored vehicles. Our third business segment in Zambia is electronic security solutions.

What are the latest developments in security technology G4S is using in Zambia, and how do you assess the appetite for digital services among your clients here?

We are currently piloting a body cam GPS tracker for our guards, which records the activities of our security officers during their whole shift; images and conversations can be downloaded at a docking station. On the electronic security side, access control systems are becoming increasingly based on online bio-metrics, which can replace manpower in some cases and give the customer more management intelligence about a building or operation.