Zambia 2017 | ENERGY & MINING | COLUMN

TBY talks to Russell Harawa, Managing Director, ABB Ltd. on the sector.

Russell Harawa

Which have been the key growth areas in the Zambian market for ABB?

With the mining industry suffering in 2016, we saw many of our mining clients reduce their capital expenditure and spend the bare minimum to keep operations running. However, we have seen growth in other areas, in particular the energy sector. Our sub-stations projects, for example, have picked up as industry has grown and the demand for power outstrips supply. We also see great interest in solar energy. Overall, many companies in the industrial sector are more cautious about energy efficiency and energy saving, meaning business in that area has also increased.

What future plans does ABB Zambia have?

We have a substantial installed base of equipment in the various industries that we deal with, such as utilities, and see a growing need for service competence. We seek to work more closely with both our existing customers as well as prospective customers who might be interested in using our expertise. We want to ensure our equipment is and will always be optimized and properly maintained. We see service as a priority with our customers. On the whole, we are optimistic about the possibilities of growth in the Zambian market.