TBY talks to TRUMP WU, Country Manager, Tecno Mobile on the sector.


What were the reasons behind Tecno Mobile's entry into the Zambian market?

We entered Zambia in 2012 following our success in other African countries, such as Tanzania and in Northern Africa. We attribute our success in the African market to our design solutions that are specifically tailored to the Zambian market. Companies such as Huawei, Samsung, and Apple target the Chinese, European, and American markets, while Tecno Mobile has focused on Africa. In 2012, we dealt only with MTN and Airtel. These operators have a great share of the market and we were able to work with them to reach out to potential customers.

What is Tecno Mobile doing to retain an edge over its competitors?

We believe this is not the time to edge others out of the market; instead, we should collaborate with other providers to broaden the reach of technology companies in Zambia. First, we need to ensure that all Zambians who want access to a smartphone, or even just a regular phone, have their needs satisfied. We need to work with our competitors to create a broad spectrum of offerings and services, so that all demand is met. Then, we can begin to divide up the cake.