“We are deploying advanced metering infrastructure in Colombia, which will replace the traditional electricity meters in households and businesses.”

“Right now, it is extremely important to have a solid technological infrastructure and the right design in order to be scalable, flexible, and adaptable to one’s needs, be it the government, business, enterprise, or others.”

“Another strategic area is the job that we are doing with the authorities to facilitate foreign trade operations, which in this pandemic is valuable for our clients and the entire logistics chain.”

“The foundation was established in 2017 due to the necessity to build a protocol for social projects.”

“The panels generate electricity and supply it to a specific area of a factory, but if they are not using that energy, it can be sent to other parts of the industrial units.”

“The market in Mexico has changed significantly as a result of COVID-19. When something like this happens, it hurts small merchants the most.”

“Technology is the ultimate driver in enabling continuity, growth and innovation, and this is true whether we consider education, healthcare, logistics or even startup environments.”

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