“The Credit Bureau Law was passed in 2010 in Jordan, making it possible to establish a credit bureau.”

“We have on average allocated between JOD8-10 million per year for CSR programs, which is sometimes as much as 10% of our net income.”

“We also want to transform our Caribbean harbors and will launch a container terminal project in February 2019.”

“We want people to have a great experience from a customer service point of view, and we try to reduce the possibility of moral hazard along every part of the chain.”

“Our strategy is to stay focused on Nigeria and look for opportunities there so that if the fundamentals are right, we can invest.”

“Half of the country's business is in real estate, including renting, selling, and investments, so these valuations should be based on standards and actual value rather than expert opinions.”

“NHSC is 100% owned by the Ministry of Housing.”

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