“We see ourselves as a conduit for change in the way the trading and distribution business is being done in the UAE and in the region.”

Abdi İbrahim is investing heavily to make Turkey a major player in the biosimilars field and prepare the company for the future.

Significant investments in industry leading technologies are enabling Medtronic to help treat chronic diseases on a global scale.

Government-backed incentives are helping Alvimedica to invest in R&D and make Turkey a hub for the global medical devices market.

Laser focused on both organic and inorganic expansion opportunities in India, the growth outlook is very bright for firms such as Çelebi.

“The slowdown came faster than we had hoped and expected, though it has not changed our mindset. Based on the numbers, Europe is still an important partner for Turkey and vice versa.”

“If we look at upscaling this project and its potential to be extremely large, exporting is an option.”

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