“We have had to depend on online lectures, though unfortunately there are many areas in our educational program related to health sciences where we cannot do full justice to the material online.”

“This year has indeed presented challenges to the academic sector, but the University of Sharjah has effectively responded by pivoting to distance learning, virtual training, and hybrid sessions to ensure the academic progress of our students.”

“That is the message—research is not a cost; it is an investment, and not only for those who put the investment down, but it also spills over into the economy.”

“Technology is going to make people’s lives easier in terms of flexibility and affordability.”

“In education today, you have to combine the theoretical and practical methods in all disciplines, especially for engineering, basic sciences, and business.”

“This has been a challenging year for all within the education sector and this is true also for the five schools within RAK Academy.”

“We have made a great effort to connect with companies and help our students avail of employment opportunities during the pandemic.”