“Together MSD has around 320 vessels of all kinds, with these vessels requiring maintenance and rebuilds, which can benefit from services within the group.”

“Our main accomplishment in the past year was our success to maintain our number one position in the market.”

“The fact that Dubai was awarded Expo 2020 is also a reflection of Dubai’s capability to host mega events.”

“Middle-income travelers typically come in the summer because the rates go down 25-30%, which is when there is a great deal of activity from Asia and the Far East.”

“Thanks to 3D printed prosthetics, patients who are amputees have their lives transformed for the better as the prosthetics provide them with the maximum feeling of anatomical function.”

“We have the largest public Tesla fleet in the world, consisting of 200 electric airport limos.”

“The market views the bank not just as a performance benchmark for Islamic finance but also for the entire banking sector.”

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