“The unhealthy competition is still ongoing except for large complex risks where pricing and underwriting is in the hands of a global reinsurer, whereby the local insurers are not in a position to set the prices and terms for such large risks.”

“From a client offering perspective, we provide access to sustainable investments through public and private markets, ranging from an ETF solution or access to a private investment.”

“The UAE’s excellent leadership differentiates it from other regional players. Accordingly, FDI is likely to increase from a business and opportunistic perspective.”

The coming consolidation of the takaful market will lead to increased insurance penetration through better use of capital, investments in technology, operational expense optimization, and improved service and offerings.

Though insurance penetration in the GCC market is low, the UAE is a dominant marketplace in the region and the scope for future growth is also incredibly high.

CBC promotes economic friendship between the UAE and Canada by serving as a hub for the private sector to network, discuss business trends, and identify future trade opportunities.

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