“We have been taking strategic decisions to diversify our energy sources and increase the share of renewable and nuclear power because this is key to balancing economic, security and environmental needs.”

“We are not only investing money, but are also working hard to bring value to the UAE’s economy and society.”

“To mitigate the risk of the effect of this wave of the pandemic, we have to consider business practices before the pandemic and after as completely different.”

“The use of radioactive materials makes it a risky industry, and we are ramping up oversight activities while keeping in mind social distancing required by COVID-19.”

With its clear set of directives and ability to conduct all the due diligence with boards, shareholders, and the workforce, Catalyst has helped spur some of the UAE's leading start-ups, including De L'arta, Solva, and BonApp.

Though the region is still heavily dominated by hydrocarbons, Siemens has been engaged with tenders for renewables plants across the UAE.

In addition to making a huge impact on the domestic sector, TAQA has recently completed large and successful projects in Morocco, Ghana, Iraq, and the Netherlands.

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