“We make it a priority to support local ecosystems.”

“The use of radioactive materials makes it a risky industry, and we are ramping up oversight activities while keeping in mind social distancing required by COVID-19.”

“No one was prepared for what happened, and it has been a bit of a curveball for the whole world.”

Aldar Education is a pioneer in Abu Dhabi's education system, helping to prepare students for leadership roles and further learning.

ADSG actively engages with government departments and educational institutions to recognize the major trends shaping the global economy and prepare a workforce that can take on future challenges.

Image Nation is commited to nurturing and developing future industry leaders and is now looking beyond the Emirate to the entire Gulf region.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, Flash Entertainment has been instrumental in transforming Abu Dhabi into a regional hub for premier events, fostering a center to nurture local talent, and contributing to the city's legacy.

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