“Given the amount of noise in the market today, brands need to cut through by making their message simple, easy, relevant, and emotionally engaging.”

“United Iron & Steel has lost an export market, but Qatar's manufacturing must have benefited from the blockade because of less reliance on supplies and imports.”

“Demand for gas both in the UAE and the entire region is very high.”

“The feasibility studies and surveys have helped us in understanding that the outreach of supportive services is the area that needs to be tapped.”

“Today there are countless new building materials, or reinterpretations of existing materials that are bringing dramatic improvements in manufacturing processes.”

“We hope to show how private sector partnerships with the government can add a positive angle.”

“With our increased exposure to the technology sector, we expect to deploy capital in high-potential sectors. We will make strategic investments to position ourselves at the leading edge of these sectors.”

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