“I foresee a surge by education institutions fast-tracking their digital transformation agendas as a result of current day events that have displaced more than 1.3 billion learners globally.”

“For Russian companies that operate onshore with significant well stock, it can be more challenging to establish a similar approach.”

“Apart from the penetration rate and share of the insurance industry in the overall economy, insurance is the backbone of commercial businesses as no enterprise can operate without it.”

“Residents who live here and visitors that travel to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are blessed to have a high level of personal security and safety.”

"It is essential to deploy the right equipment and people."

“To truly understand a country, you must have a strong presence in it.”

“Wintershall Dea has a great deal of expertise sitting in its Abu Dhabi office and the headquarters, and our goal is to bring in even more and to integrate it with what our partners have to offer.”

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