“We have been taking strategic decisions to diversify our energy sources and increase the share of renewable and nuclear power because this is key to balancing economic, security and environmental needs.”

“We were seriously considering reducing everyone’s salaries, but we instead decided to pay employees 80% of their salaries, with the remaining 20% linked to performance with KPIs.”

“We are not only investing money, but are also working hard to bring value to the UAE’s economy and society.”

“We announced a partnership with the Ministry of Education to roll out the Alef Platform to more than 200 schools across the Northern Emirates.”

“COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation across sectors and forced us to rethink how we prepare the workforce of the future to thrive in the new reality.”

“The use of electronic tools, an electronic curriculum, and virtual labs for the sciences needs to be enhanced and made more widely available.”

“Raytheon Emirates will continue to work with our UAE customers on four business areas: cybersecurity, effectors, air and missile defense, and enabling technology.”

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