“Today there are countless new building materials, or reinterpretations of existing materials that are bringing dramatic improvements in manufacturing processes.”

“We hope to show how private sector partnerships with the government can add a positive angle.”

“With our increased exposure to the technology sector, we expect to deploy capital in high-potential sectors. We will make strategic investments to position ourselves at the leading edge of these sectors.”

“Change in the oil and gas sector is certain; it is risky to assume business as usual, do nothing and only react to market changes.”

“Siemens recently signed an agreement for a pilot project to kick off the region's first solar-driven hydrogen electrolysis facility.”

“Using AI to manage hospitals is another area in which the UAE is advancing.”

TBY talks to Eng. Shamis Al Dhaheri, Group Managing Director of Ali & Sons Holding LLC, on the Emirate's economic future, gas prospects in the UAE, and sustainability initiatives.“As a family business, we like to get our feet in the water before we jump in.”

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