“Currently, the Alef Platform collects over 50 million data points per day.”

“We are looking ahead with optimism as we aim to build new capabilities and ensure sustainable growth for the bank, with a vision that falls in line with the UAE 2021 objectives of creating a competitive knowledge economy and pursuing digital acceleration.”

“The way the UAE government handled the whole situation, whether vaccinations or taking precautionary measures and being able to reopen the economy, was reflected in many sectors."

“The pandemic is about to end, and we are positive about things opening up. We have targets in Uganda and the Gulf area.”

“We also have a partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainability to help to structure and improve the environmental aspects of our developments.”

“We are continuously expanding our product portfolio. Our focus today is on defense and military vehicles, and within the armored group, as a group, we are the only company that can deliver anything from a small cash-in-transit vehicle up to a large military vehicle used by the US army and everything in between.”

“During the year 2021, RAKTA seeks to complete the smart cameras and smart meters project, and the authority is currently working on establishing a smart control and monitoring center for all transport fleets.”

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