“Among private hospitals groups in Turkey, we lead the world in robotic organ transplants from live donors with Dr. Volkan Tuğcu taking the lead at Memorial Bahçelievler Kidney Transplant Center.”

“Our primary plan is to expand our footprint in public healthcare.”

“Finding the correct workforce has been a challenge in Turkey, which is why we are currently building a new vocational school near our factory in Çatalca.”

“The smart algorithms in our devices manage a patient's condition to sustain life without suffering severe heart failure conditions.”

“We are working with more than 10 countries excluding Algeria and Kazakhstan, such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bosnia, Iraq, and Gulf countries.”

“2018 was a difficult year for our country as a result of the economic fluctuation and the devaluation of the lira in the second half of the year.”

“Save for a very limited number of exceptions, the entire population in Turkey is covered by health insurance.”

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