“Over the next 12 months, IsDB Group will continue supporting Turkey in its strategic priority sectors.”

“We set a goal in 2015 to increase participation banks' share of total banking assets to 15% by 2025. By the end of 2019, this figure reached 6.3%.”

“ICBC Turkey will continue to contribute the development of the Turkish economy by supporting long-term domestic investments through project finance.”

“Inflation started to decline in 2H2019 and is expected to level off around 12% in December, below the target. A slowdown in domestic demand and a rather stable trend in lira value pulled inflation down and had a positive impact on expectations.”

"The areas within the responsibility of the CMB may be classified into three main groups: primary markets, secondary markets, and financial intermediation."

"While we are essentially sector agnostic, there are defensive, high growth sectors we do like."

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