“Our main objective is to dissociate ourselves from the theoretical classes, betting on practical experiences from the hand of active professionals.”

“Spain has a solid manufacturing sector, with 82 plants for the production of medicines for human use and exports worth 12.7 billion euros a year.”

“We have a unit in Madrid that works on alternative production routes, and we have a research center in Portugal.”

“Our immediate priority in Spain is to collaborate as closely and swiftly as possible with relevant Spanish agencies to ensure access to our medicines for the patients and clinicians who urgently need them.”

TBY talks to Lourdes López, General Manager of Becton Dickinson (BD), about world-class medical devices, the importance of syringes for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, and goals for 2021.

“Cybersecurity also applies to patients’ medical records and protecting the health of the most critical patients who are attached to a machine.”

“Thousands of students have passed through our classrooms, the majority joining the job market in a short space of time.”

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