“We have been working to identify partners in the Middle East, having reached an agreement to expand our business to Qatar, and we have also had some contacts in Dubai.”

“Balearic companies cannot afford to be left out of European funds or have limited access to them.”

“We have two ‘traditional’ sectors: tourism and real estate, as well as several emerging industries.”

"Spain in 2019 was the largest photovoltaic market in Europe and the sixth worldwide."

"We have been able to manage the situation thanks to the support of our major customers."

“The economic recession has been the most significant in the history of the Balearic archipelago, and it has been the most impacted of the autonomous communities.”

“Puerto Portals has a large commercial area and was created to complete the experience of having a place to dock one’s boat and be able to have a gastronomical or shopping experience.”

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