“After a complex start to the year still marked by the pandemic, we hope the situation will gradually normalize.”

“There are certain travel restrictions, so we started in 4Q2020 with a goal to develop between 100 and 150MW in 2021 and obtain more than EUR8 million in revenue.”

“The Vigía system represents a significant investment in order to detect the presence of COVID-19 in wastewater.”

“Our second installation was in 2020, which consisted of 300 panels in a hotel in Cádiz, and we currently have four projects in our portfolio.”

“This is a crucial year for Capital Energy since we will finish laying the groundwork for the next three years, which will be the most intensive in terms of capital and asset construction.”

“It is noteworthy that we are present in 15 countries with an installed capacity of more than 12GW, but our headquarters are in Spain.”

“What we have learnt from the pandemic is the importance of international cooperation.”

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