“2020 has been the most uncertain year since the Civil War. In 2021, we have two priorities. The first is to achieve a sense of health security and recover in terms of consumption.”

“In Valladolid, we manufacture our light vehicles, while the heavy vehicles are produced in Madrid."

“We have a unit in Madrid that works on alternative production routes, and we have a research center in Portugal.”

“Logistics has been seen as an industry with negative externalities, due to pollution, the traffic it generates and because it allegedly generates low paying jobs.”

“We started our activities in Spain in 2002 with developments in Madrid and Zaragoza.”

“Our immediate priority in Spain is to collaborate as closely and swiftly as possible with relevant Spanish agencies to ensure access to our medicines for the patients and clinicians who urgently need them.”

“We have adapted well to the pandemic and expect to have a solid ratio of people vaccinated by summer."

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