“People think Covid-19 has only been negative but the positive side is also there in cost savings on travel, and we have also become much more efficient.”

“From a global perspective, the insurance sector has been among the few industries that have suffered the least impact of the pandemic and that are expected to make a quick recovery.”

“If you are migrating customers to digital channels, then you require 24/7 aftersales services, which consequently resulted in tremendous growth in our social media and call center coverage as well.”

“The worst is behind us, and we expect to see a gradual recovery. During the recovery, we will ensure that American Express’ platforms are robust to support our digital offering.”

“Of our new customers, I would say a minimum of 30-40% will continue to use online transactions even when other options return.”

“Everyone knows Saudi banks enjoy a high proportion of non-interest-bearing deposits in the banking system.”

“Trust must be earned through knowledge, awareness, and results. Patience is key.”