“We have 100 employees currently which is an increase of 100% prior to the pandemic.”

“We support our country's 2030 vision by developing the skills of locals who can work in the financial sector.”

“Digitalization has been one of the main pillars of our strategy; we have been extremely ambitious in our digitalization strategy from the beginning.”

“I do not expect things to return to the pre-pandemic “normal.” Digitalization has 'tasted blood', as they say, and will accelerate.”

“From a volume perspective, today, face-to-face was a big chunk of our business and a main driver because of travel and high-ticket items.”

“I personally believe we are in a high-risk business, we are supposed to do our job and we are supposed to go out and provide funding for SMEs and really support the market the way it should be.”

“We cover all the bases, and 2020 has vindicated us, establishing a strong foundation for future growth.”

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