“There are many organizations that have national responsibilities that touch on, or impact, Mashroat's activities.”

“Half of the country's business is in real estate, including renting, selling, and investments, so these valuations should be based on standards and actual value rather than expert opinions.”

“Jeddah Chamber encourages the private sector to provide quality services to its business owners by adopting pioneering initiative.”

“International operators and developers have the know-how and experience. International operators and developers have the know-how and experience.”

“Being a young nation is a strong enabler for economic growth, but to harness this advantage we must focus on education, job creation, and access to employment opportunities.”

“We are working closely with public entities to measure their progress in implementing the programs and initiatives that help them attain their objectives to create a culture of transparency and accountability in public entities.”

“Riyadh’s strategic location at the heart of Saudi Arabia offers it considerable advantage and access to markets across MENA, Europe, and rapidly developing Africa and Asia.”

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