“Luberef is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Jadwa Industrial Investment and started producing and supplying base oil in 1978.”

“The project remains a symbol of transformation, an anchor of Vision 2030 that is visible and accessible to millions of people.”

“We have just started setting the facilities for the assembly of military fast jets, something that has never been done before in Saudi Arabia.”

“There are many organizations that have national responsibilities that touch on, or impact, Mashroat's activities.”

“At Al-Baha University, we guide students to build up relevant skills for jobs of the future, specifically in engineering and computer science.”

“Wafi seeks to be the leading and distinguished program in the supervision of real estate development projects.”

“Half of the country's business is in real estate, including renting, selling, and investments, so these valuations should be based on standards and actual value rather than expert opinions.”

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