“Since 2006, we have driven a great shift in terms of the number of standards adopted.”

“For more than 40 years, Starbucks has built its business with a social conscience and proven that doing what is right makes great business sense.”

"Vision 2030 strongly provides myriad opportunities spanning social and community-related projects."

"Our intention is to develop a family medicine center and serve the KSU population, which is about 250,000, including all employees, students, and families."

“In this age, DAU believes that universities that do not prepare themselves for the digital era will be left behind.”

“We have already joined a consortium as a developer with three big players and are bidding for a 600,000m3/day desalination plant.”

"At the end of 3Q2017 Zain delivered strong results. YoY 11% revenue growth over the same quarter in 2016 while YTD we had 9% growth in revenue."

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