“Many people did not trust digital transactions a while ago, but there is now a change in perceptions everywhere.”

“We look at the full product cycle to study each step’s impact on the environment. This is not only to invent new products but to develop new ways of producing and to look at what materials we are using.”

“For agriculture, we aspire to be a leader in the market, connect, and promote high-quality fruit and vegetables to other markets.”

“We have 100 employees currently which is an increase of 100% prior to the pandemic.”

“Digitalization has been one of the main pillars of our strategy; we have been extremely ambitious in our digitalization strategy from the beginning.”

“We support our country's 2030 vision by developing the skills of locals who can work in the financial sector.”

“I see Geidea becoming the number one fintech player for merchant services in the MENA region by 2022.”

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