“Technology is the ultimate driver in enabling continuity, growth and innovation, and this is true whether we consider education, healthcare, logistics or even startup environments.”

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak and to date, Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies continues to provide reliable and vital water and sanitation services across the Kingdom.”

“I do not expect things to return to the pre-pandemic “normal.” Digitalization has 'tasted blood', as they say, and will accelerate.”

“From a volume perspective, today, face-to-face was a big chunk of our business and a main driver because of travel and high-ticket items.”

"Demand for air cargo services has risen during the global pandemic, with air freight providing the most reliable and efficient means of transporting medical and healthcare supplies.”

“The Saudi government's reaction to COVID 19 was exceptional, their swiftness and strict regulations allowed businesses some level of positivity for a COVID-free future.”

“Saudi Arabia has been working with international companies like: Boeing, BAE Systems, and Lockheed for nearly 80 years.”

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