“This is indeed an exciting time to be a Saudi leading a Saudi company!”

“COVID-19 was a saviour this year in terms of Esri’s growth, and we have not had one layoff or salary reduction during the pandemic.”

“These technologies witnessed a major demand and spike throughout the pandemic and our teams were resilient and were able to support our existing customer base.”

“The MENA OTT market is anticipated to continue to see growth in VOD subscription, as opposed to traditional pay TV services, which are predicted to decline over time.”

“If you are migrating customers to digital channels, then you require 24/7 aftersales services, which consequently resulted in tremendous growth in our social media and call center coverage as well.”

“The worst is behind us, and we expect to see a gradual recovery. During the recovery, we will ensure that American Express’ platforms are robust to support our digital offering.”

“Digital-first systems are in NEOM’s DNA, and our health and wellbeing systems are no exception.”

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