“We participate in many important government and non-government projects in Qatar, and one of our responsibilities is to support sectors such as contracting, as there is a huge construction sector here in Qatar.”

“The banking sector, with a high level of capital and a low delinquency rate remains safe, sound, and solid.”

“In Qatar, we have one of the highest concentrations of high-net-worth individuals as well as many expatriates working here for 20 years who have built up savings.”

“The GCC blockade affected the country to a large extent, especially in terms of essential imports.”

“Barwa Bank has been in the market for more than a decade, having developed from a start-up phase into a mature organization.”

“QIB the first and largest Islamic bank in Qatar with a current market share of 42.3% in Islamic assets.”

“IFRS 9 is designed to bring more transparency, accountability, and efficiency to financial institutions across the world through high-quality accounting criteria.”

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