“Currently, we are seeing more and more women entering Qatar’s diverse workforce.”

“Qatar has everything it takes to build an innovation-based economy and fulfill its vision of building a knowledge-based economy in the next 10 years.”

"Through delivering excellence and innovation, as well as high quality products and services, Al Faisal Holding’s diversified business model across eight clusters will continue to contribute to Qatar’s diversification efforts as the private sector plays a significant role in diversifying the country’s revenue streams and acts as a strong partner to achieve the Government’s objectives."

“We are looking to establish an investor connection platform to connect foreign investors and local companies, as well as to present all opportunities, tenders, and key projects [virtually].”

“Qatar is adapting to the post-Covid era, while maintaining its commitment to a multilateral trading system and to facilitating international trade.”

“We are currently in the food sector in Pakistan and Jordan, and in the future we will be in more countries.”