“be’ah does not consider itself solely as a waste management company, but a part of Oman’s larger sustainability drive.”

“Partnerships are extremely important for us because the majority of environmental projects require tailor-made solutions.”

“In 2022, we are looking to complete all the engineering and construction activities for the power and water plant and we will be positioned to evacuate and export power and water as well as to transmit power to OTTCO to support the commissioning activities of its facilities.”

“We are currently focusing on the merger program and on increasing our number of customers by connecting at least 10,000 properties in Muscat.”

“We are looking at joint ventures with organizations that can add value and contribute to the growth of Oman.”

“We have capital investments in the range of USD103.9 million to cater for growth in highly developing areas around Muscat.”

“Through the main interconnected system and the rural areas system, we have 99.9% coverage.”

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