"The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is the first multilateral trade agreement concluded since the WTO was established 22 years ago."

"The Ministry has spared no effort in introducing several initiatives with the private sector to provide thousands of employment opportunities for job seekers and ensure the stability of local workers in their jobs."

“Oman is often referred to as ‘true Arabia’, because ancient culture has been so beautifully preserved.”

"In terms of Omanization, around 86% of our staff at Be'ah are Omani."

"We are now almost two thirds of the way through a project at our Muscat headquarters to install more than 19,500 solar roof panels on car parking lots."

"We have coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism to prepare regulations for investing."

"For 2017, we hope to see a new takeover code issued, and we believe that it is in the final stages."

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