“In 2022, we are looking to complete all the engineering and construction activities for the power and water plant and we will be positioned to evacuate and export power and water as well as to transmit power to OTTCO to support the commissioning activities of its facilities.”

“Extensive use of natural lighting also accompanies the building design, and the OCEC complex overlooks a wadi and wetland nature reserve, which is home to a variety of Oman’s exotic birdlife and flora.”

“Sustainability and in general, corporate social responsibility, is a key focus for us, as it should be for any brand, nowadays.”

“We are already offering an end-to-end customer journey. From the minute a customer arrives in the car park area we serve with valet parking, meet-and-greet, and fast-track services on arrival and departure.”

“We have to reduce the dependency on hydrocarbons.”

“The GCC is the biggest market for Oman, especially the UAE, KSA, Qatar, and India.”

“In line with the Oman Vision 2040, we are creating two new programs—one in cybersecurity and one in AI.”

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