“Unfortunately, we have also learned during this pandemic that vaccine nationalism still prevails, and I do not see that changing anytime soon.”

"While previously the focus was more on the number of individuals prepared for the job market, today the stress is on obtaining the best quality and a greater output."

“We bring in our Shell expertise and share knowledge with our joint ventures, and where necessary we support them in delivering improvement programs.”

“It is no secret that we hold 75% of the market share of freehold sold properties in Oman.”

“One of the core themes formulated in the Vision 2020 was the development of human resources and capabilities of Omani nationals.”

“We have capital investments in the range of USD103.9 million to cater for growth in highly developing areas around Muscat.”

“HSBC has been in Oman for 70 years, which is at east 20 years longer than any other bank.”

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