“AITEO is part of a group of companies involved in downstream, upstream, and power.”

"We are working closely with our power team and government to see how we can get the produced gas to the power plants."

“Having an integrated supply of gas and power plants that use gas flares will be one of the ways forward in monetizing stranded gas in Nigeria.”

“Certain sectors have improved while others did not do that well; however, in general there was slight growth.”

"We have Nigerians working all over the world in industrial sectors and the international oil economy."

“Nigeria used to be one of the leading producer countries in the world and has been producing oil for over 50 years.”

"In electricity terms, this quantity of gas will generate close to 600MW of electricity and equals between 10-15% of the national generation capacity for electricity, which hovers around 4,000-6,000MW."

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