Parliament must focus on building a country that is committed to progress and development and that responds to the concerns and aspirations of all its citizens.

“Africa is still an emerging market with projections of being a growth, and not a steady, market.”

“Morocco is a bridge between Europe and Africa, and therefore our presence in the region is quite essential.”

“Morocco has a great potential thanks to its natural resources, a diversified economy that relies on highly granular players of micro and SMEs, as well as a strong and resilient banking sector.”

“We are confident about the importance of emerging risks and we will work to be a market aggregator.”

“We launched competitions in several universities to find innovative start-ups in that could nurture Moroccan competences and respond to the future needs of the market.”

“We are present in Morocco in power production with 1,700MW of installed capacity with the Tarfaya wind farm (301MW) and the Safi thermal plant (1,386MW).”

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