"The north of Mexico, in particular Monterrey, is an interesting place for investment."

“We have developed a diversification plan with Central and South America, though the reality is that 80% of Mexican exports go to US.”

“Due to the strong economic links with our partners in North America, Mexico has become a powerhouse in the automotive, aeronautical, and information technology sectors.”

“The foundation was established in 2017 due to the necessity to build a protocol for social projects.”

“The panels generate electricity and supply it to a specific area of a factory, but if they are not using that energy, it can be sent to other parts of the industrial units.”

“When the pandemic is over, we will have a new highway, new airport, and new terminal at Oaxaca costing around MXN1 billion.”

“Mexico City for us is 100% digital. We only sell digital out-of-home, and that provides us with great flexibility.”

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