“As Mexicans, we need to get rid of the mentality of waiting for work. We should try to export our talent and see what we can do somewhere else.”

“The petrochemical industry must be strengthened.”

“By forcing some companies to move back to the US, which is something the democratic party in particular is pushing for, more jobs will be created in the US as opposed to Mexico.”

“We are being more aggressive, taking more risks, and are providing extended warranties up to 30 years for new constructions.”

“We are keen to increase automation in step with Industry 4.0. We have held talks with Metalsa, for example, and this could be a driver for 2020.”

“Our greatest achievement of 2019 was to see the fruits of over 15 years of labor come to fruition.”

“We now have 50 offices in five states: Mexico City, Nuevo León, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and the State of Mexico.”

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