“The port of Manzanillo urgently needs a convincing expansion plan.”

“Legalization will be very helpful in the fight against the drug cartels.”

TBY talks to Martín Toscano, President & General Manager of Evonik, on cross-sectoral operations, mergers and acquisitions, and the petrochemical sector.

“Mexico and Brazil have strong cultures of private aviation, which makes them important markets for us.”

“We are always looking to create a great story in each company to attract high-level employees.”

“Plastic can truly improve the quality of people’s lives; however, as a society we have to learn to use it wisely.”

“The company already has projects in several places, but the main ones are in Zacatecas, Sonora, Hermosillo, Veracruz, Estado de Mexico, and Campeche.”

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