“Nowadays, objectives and projects are assigned to teams, not to individuals. Having an adequate space for teams develops and boosts collaboration and creativity.”

“Since meat is an important component of global diet, the health of animals is extremely important for the health of humans.”

“We export about 75-80% of our goods to the US, and we need to look elsewhere if the US becomes more stringent in the way it does business.”

“In an analysis of 100 cities, Mexico City was classified as a “Cash Centric City.”

“In Mexico City, for example, between 50 and 60% of water is lost in the network.”

“The Central de Abasto is the second most important economic unit in the country and generates USD9 billion, as well as 90,000 direct and 500,000 indirect jobs.”

“With a population of approximately 123.5 million people and access to nearly 11.7 million patients for medical cannabis, we see an attractive opportunity to transfer the wealth of knowledge we have created into this new market.”

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