“We try to do things right; there is a great deal of competition, and the difference between success and being irrelevant is not doing things well.”

“When the pandemic is over, we will have a new highway, new airport, and new terminal at Oaxaca costing around MXN1 billion.”

“The energy sector is changing, and we are playing a key role in enabling that transition for our customers around the world.”

“Mexico City for us is 100% digital. We only sell digital out-of-home, and that provides us with great flexibility.”

“We need to prove to our clients now that we can operate better from home than from the Contact Center.”

“We are the youngest hospital chain in the country and the one with the largest potential growth and achievement.”

“We want to ensure owners and users are satisfied with the result because that is how we can be sure that next time the customer thinks about air conditioning, they think Daikin.”

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