HSBC's digital banking platform, combined with its global network and footprint, make it easy for companies to expand their operations into new jurisdictions.

“We will have 10 electronic branches that we will be installed in 2019 and 2020 so that we can have 24/7 banking available to all our customers in key locations.”

“As of September 30, 2018, we managed to maintain our Assets under Management (AUM) at over USD9.5 billion.”

“My advice to clients is that they have to accept a lower return on investments.”

"We were the first Kuwaiti bank to have a presence in the UAE."

"The key event this year was our takeover of the management of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) on April 25."

"The coming year is expected to continue under the pressure of low oil prices and regional geopolitical uncertainty."

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