“The aircraft today versus aircraft 10 years ago are far more efficient not only in terms of fuel usage, but also in CO2 emissions.”

“Mexico and Brazil have strong cultures of private aviation, which makes them important markets for us.”

“Avianca is thinking about adding a second frequency to London, if the airline can get a slot for it.”

“Avis has consolidated itself as one of the top five companies in the country with a fleet of 560 cars in the rental car business.”

“The investment climate in Jordan is fairly positive and developing strongly.”

“Qatar Airways Cargo has received much recognition and the award for the International Cargo Airline of the Year is one of the latest.”

Yilport was founded only 15 years ago but the company has grown to become the 12th-best terminal operator in the world and aspires to be among the top 10 by 2025.

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