“During the year 2021, RAKTA seeks to complete the smart cameras and smart meters project, and the authority is currently working on establishing a smart control and monitoring center for all transport fleets.”

“We achieved our targets by the end of the year and even exceeded some of them.”

“Africa is extremely important for TAP. In fact, TAP is the largest European airline flying to Africa and Brazil.”

“In the civil aviation sector, for instance, we decided to split our former airports management company and navigation company ENANA into two companies.”

“We are already offering an end-to-end customer journey. From the minute a customer arrives in the car park area we serve with valet parking, meet-and-greet, and fast-track services on arrival and departure.”

“Every day is a learning day for us. COVID-19 has managed to bring us together and help us appreciate the small things in life from a personal and business perspective.”

“There was an immediate reaction and complete lockdown in Saudi Arabia.”

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