“The construction was assigned to Acciona, and we are also working with different metro operators from different major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, and Medellín.”

“The position and the advantages granted by the port of Venice have allowed the famous northeast Italian region to advance further.”

“The Middle East is the fastest growing region in the world, and this will be one of the most exciting and dynamic regions in the long term.”

“Spain is still a strategic location to build warehouses in comparison to other places in Europe.”

“We have already been chartering airplanes and using trucks for shipments.”

“Saudi’s ambitious growth plans are challenging the engineering and construction industry, particularly in terms of the talent required to support large project delivery.”

“By upgrading our technology and coping with the country’s e-government 2030 vision, Saudia Cargo has managed to integrate internal and external parties as well as national and international stakeholders.”

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