“We also need to grow the integrated logistics section of the business, which is linked to growth of Brand Salalah “

“In 2020, the automotive sector fell by 28%, and the development and performance of the Colombian market was not good due to the lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic.”

“Another strategic area is the job that we are doing with the authorities to facilitate foreign trade operations, which in this pandemic is valuable for our clients and the entire logistics chain.”

“We will also go more digital, which is vital at the global level.”

“Logistics has been seen as an industry with negative externalities, due to pollution, the traffic it generates and because it allegedly generates low paying jobs.”

“We started our activities in Spain in 2002 with developments in Madrid and Zaragoza.”

"Demand for air cargo services has risen during the global pandemic, with air freight providing the most reliable and efficient means of transporting medical and healthcare supplies.”

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