“Aside from traditional exports such as bananas, carbon, and palm oil, there are other newer ones such as flowers, avocados, and cape gooseberries.”

“Our vision is clear; we aspire to be the dominant marine logistic services provider in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.”

“We showed it is possible to have four airports and manage them in an efficient way, making them a model for the rest of the country.”

“Dubai has the opportunity to be a hub or significant point of entry across the GCC.”

“Going digital means increased access to facts and data which are key to good decision-making for any business.”

Laser focused on both organic and inorganic expansion opportunities in India, the growth outlook is very bright for firms such as Çelebi.

“The slowdown came faster than we had hoped and expected, though it has not changed our mindset. Based on the numbers, Europe is still an important partner for Turkey and vice versa.”

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