“The unemployment rate in Portugal is currently lower than 8%, and tourism created 55,000 jobs in 2017 alone.”

“We are a 95% leisure destination. However, part of our strategy is to grow the business sector through MICE.”

“The first fashion week that took place in April was only the starting point, and we are poised to organize more events on different scales.”

“The General Entertainment Authority and the General Sports Authority were established to drive entertainment and sports under Vision 2030.”

“When I started in the GSA, I asked two main questions: How usable and functional are our sport facilities and how accessible are they to the public?”

“For more than 40 years, Starbucks has built its business with a social conscience and proven that doing what is right makes great business sense.”

“Geographically speaking, the biggest potential in the future will be in west Kazakhstan, for example in Atyrau or Aktau.”

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