“We realized how much the brand meant for the region and for the history of sports and Italian craftsmanship.”

“We are investing greatly in redefining the online offer and introducing a number of marketing systems whereby we can interact much more with our customers before they travel and while they are in the airport.”

“We keep close tabs on millennials needs and expectations so we can always provide a valuable and relevant product to this market.”

“Everywhere I go, 70-80% of people currently working at the leading institutions within the hospitality industry have built their careers, in part, at Swissôtel.”

“If you cannot fulfill the requirements of the customer, you cannot be competitive.”

“We want to make sure we can sustain a positive relationship with our home city and the residents of the UAE.”

“At the moment, most of our staff in our fitness centers are Saudis, though our trainers are mainly non-Saudis.”

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