“The move to the new digital innovation paradigm is no longer up for debate; the move is already happening. We are just scratching the surface when it comes to cloud today across the world. In India, when we look at all the work being done across the government space and by edtechs, enterprise customers, and digital natives, there is more and more cloud adoption.”

"We started subsidizing 4G phone because the data rate in 4G is significantly better than 3G."

“We launched competitions in several universities to find innovative start-ups in that could nurture Moroccan competences and respond to the future needs of the market.”

Image Nation is commited to nurturing and developing future industry leaders and is now looking beyond the Emirate to the entire Gulf region.

Algorythma centers its strategy around developing innovative solutions that can be implemented across the globe, while aligning with the latest advancements of the fourth industrial revolution.

In an advanced market like Abu Dhabi, Microsoft is keen to work with local enterprises and government institutions to help them adopt today's most transformative technologies and solutions.

“Now there is huge demand for facial recognition that was not there three years ago.”

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