"At the end of 3Q2017 Zain delivered strong results. YoY 11% revenue growth over the same quarter in 2016 while YTD we had 9% growth in revenue."

"We are projecting that in the next 12 to 18 months, more than half of our business will come from the US market."

"We cannot run from technology, which has great potential to solve wealth disparity and empower SMEs."

"More and more businesses realize that in order to capture the 260 million population and truly maximize the consumer spending power, it has to go online."

"Today there are about five jobs in the IT market for every person who is currently studying IT."

"Our company grew from seven employees in 2012 to just over 1,000 five years later."

"We have created 200 direct jobs in our company, and, counting conservatively, around another 16,000 indirect jobs."

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