“The idea is to follow the government’s direction in empowering some of the commercial industry areas in Oman like Duqm, Salalah Free Zone, and some free zones around Sohar.”

“There are a lot of conferences/workshops on cybersecurity going on in Oman.”

“In the US and the UK, artists go gold if they sell 500,000 copies and platinum if they sell 1 million. Here, there is no way to know how much one is selling.”

“Digital is still in the early stages in Nigeria; the country is extremely traditional.”

“We are now packaging the cloud-based solution developed in Qatar to internationalize it.”

“Over the past few decades, we mainly sought to improve connectivity between people to people in the 2G, 3G, and 4G eras.”

“The market here is growing; at the same time, international opportunities are growing.”

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