“We want to ensure owners and users are satisfied with the result because that is how we can be sure that next time the customer thinks about air conditioning, they think Daikin.”

“Golf is a special sport in Mexico.”

“We are being more aggressive, taking more risks, and are providing extended warranties up to 30 years for new constructions.”

“Africa is still an emerging market with projections of being a growth, and not a steady, market.”

“The loss of our founder had an impact at the beginning, but we were able to preserve continuity and put in place a succession that was worked out well in advance, thanks to the clear-sightedness of the president.”

The real estate sector is evolving into a service industry in which delivering units is just the beginning of the relationship between the developer and the customer.”

“No one was prepared for what happened, and it has been a bit of a curveball for the whole world.”

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