“In investment volume, which is the money put into real estate for income-producing real estate, the total figure at the end of August 2020 was up by around 30%.”

“The office sector is still fairly attractive despite all the noise around remote working, which no one can predict 100%.”

“We were seriously considering reducing everyone’s salaries, but we instead decided to pay employees 80% of their salaries, with the remaining 20% linked to performance with KPIs.”

“The third phase involves the mature markets, the US and Canada, where we have already incorporated a branch.”

“In terms of innovation, Doka also has a global sustainability strategy, something that is highly important to us.”

“Our main short-term target is to maintain our organization as it is today and continue to keep our staff safe, secure, and healthy.”

“We want to ensure owners and users are satisfied with the result because that is how we can be sure that next time the customer thinks about air conditioning, they think Daikin.”

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