“In investment volume, which is the money put into real estate for income-producing real estate, the total figure at the end of August 2020 was up by around 30%.”

“The office sector is still fairly attractive despite all the noise around remote working, which no one can predict 100%.”

“In terms of innovation, Doka also has a global sustainability strategy, something that is highly important to us.”

“Our main short-term target is to maintain our organization as it is today and continue to keep our staff safe, secure, and healthy.”

“Golf is a special sport in Mexico.”

“The loss of our founder had an impact at the beginning, but we were able to preserve continuity and put in place a succession that was worked out well in advance, thanks to the clear-sightedness of the president.”

The real estate sector is evolving into a service industry in which delivering units is just the beginning of the relationship between the developer and the customer.”

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