“All our land reserves, either for light industry or for warehousing and logistics, are being leveraged. This US growth of up to 8% can help Mexico.”

“We seek to monitor electricity and wastewater consumption, and we may look into implementing solar panels in some of our offices and factories.”

“People may wonder what a real estate solutions company is doing in healthcare, but it is the same as asking what it is doing in education. People across every single sector require a physical space from which to operate, be it telecoms, oil and gas, education, or any other area.”

“We seek to improve people's living conditions through proving property titles and through promoting housing improvements and social facilities.”

“There are currently two challenges Mexico is facing: its ability to provide certainty and security to investors that want to put money in our country and how it can provide legal protection and confidence to any company in the business environment.”

“Investing in Mallorca’s real estate market is a secure choice.”

“Poland is one of our main markets; it has not been a strong market, but it took advantage of all the European funds it had to continue developing projects.”

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