“The petrochemical industry must be strengthened.”

“By forcing some companies to move back to the US, which is something the democratic party in particular is pushing for, more jobs will be created in the US as opposed to Mexico.”

“We are keen to increase automation in step with Industry 4.0. We have held talks with Metalsa, for example, and this could be a driver for 2020.”

“We have about 450 coaches that are EFE certified trainers, and we have trained people all over Morocco.”

“There are three major markets for aerospace in the world: the US, Europe, and China.”

Known for its engineering excellence, uncompromising quality, and innovative and high-tech solutions, Sanad Aerotech's global network of partner airlines and industrial companies spans from Asia to South America.

TIP provides a secure single-window platform for investors in the defense and security industries.

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