“We see change coming as initiatives such as the Dangote refinery for upstream petrochemicals will help seeding further downstream value chains including chemicals.”

“2020 has been the most uncertain year since the Civil War. In 2021, we have two priorities. The first is to achieve a sense of health security and recover in terms of consumption.”

“In Valladolid, we manufacture our light vehicles, while the heavy vehicles are produced in Madrid."

“We have adapted well to the pandemic and expect to have a solid ratio of people vaccinated by summer."

“In 2022, we will launch a new generation of the product, which will incorporate a new generation of engines.”

“Saudi Arabia has been working with international companies like: Boeing, BAE Systems, and Lockheed for nearly 80 years.”

“SIDF has been supporting the Saudi manufacturing industry for 46 years by providing medium and long-term financial loans, advisory solutions and human capital development of the ecosystem.”

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