“It is important to be persistent, find a way to create something new, and see the positive side of things.”

“We are also completing the road that connects Putumayo to the border with Ecuador and a road that connects Bogotá with Cúcuta, on the border with Venezuela.”

Innovative Group is the leading provider of integral solutions for recyclables and specializes in the implementation of turnkey recycling programs for multinationals in Mexico.

“Globally, chemical data for 1Q2021 is the highest in probably 10 years, driven by improved expectations and demand.”

“We look at the full product cycle to study each step’s impact on the environment. This is not only to invent new products but to develop new ways of producing and to look at what materials we are using.”

“We are exploring market opportunities in the mining sector in other three countries.”

“We expect to start construction by 2021 and be in production by 2022 or 2023.”

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