“The pandemic is about to end, and we are positive about things opening up. We have targets in Uganda and the Gulf area.”

“We are continuously expanding our product portfolio. Our focus today is on defense and military vehicles, and within the armored group, as a group, we are the only company that can deliver anything from a small cash-in-transit vehicle up to a large military vehicle used by the US army and everything in between.”

“The outlook for the plastic industry is positive.”

“Hopefully, 2022 will be even better than 2021.”

“As an oil-producing country, fuel prices here are the third cheapest in the world.”

“In Mexico, 70% of our Mobility & Materials business is related to the automotive industry, and we have been working on the innovation and materials required for this growing focus.”

“It is important to be persistent, find a way to create something new, and see the positive side of things.”

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