“Mexico is extremely important to the company; the country's operations are ranked between fifth and seventh of the group's global business.”

“In Morocco, most of the digital trends we are following are related to agribusiness.”

“For 2020, we expect 500% growth and predict exports of over USD1.3 billion due to major economic groups starting business and the sector shifting to large-scale mining sites and production.”

“The Mirador mine is expected to have an up to 30-year lifetime, which could result in larger resources being mined.”

“The geological potential is unquestionable.”

“The company has always been involved in many emblematic projects, in the last years including the Quito metro network, the bridges of Guayaquil, ports in Manabí, and the deepwater port of Posorja.”

“There are too many beverage manufacturers, particularly in soft drinks, so I expect there will be some consolidation.”

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