"More companies are outsourcing ICT services, and WiA is responding to this with major projects this year to address the fully outsourced IT-model."

"Over the last 10 years, commodity prices have been volatile, but that is no longer the case with most commodities going down in price."

“In 2005, we acquired Tesoro del Mar, which at that time was the second-largest tuna producing company.”

"Because the Coca-Cola Company produces locally in every country through franchise bottlers, that makes us one of the most important partners in any country in terms of employment."

"At its peak, manufacturing contributed 21% to our GDP. Today, manufacturing contributes about 8.5%."

"Historically, we have always had a B2B model; however, we now seek to expand into the B2C market."

"Export has criteria that govern its success, including the cost of product, freight, Forex and a long list of issues that have to be considered."

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