“Embedding AI into teaching curricula through supervised and unsupervised learning and incorporating AI technologies within learning environments are two essential steps to empower stakeholders in the education sector.”

“To have prestige, society must recognize it.”

“Notably, we entered the QS World Universities Ranking in 2019. We are one of the four Ecuadorian universities in that list. EPN is also ranked highly by The Highest Education Ranking.”

“We would hope to see further incentives provided by the Nigerian authorities to both encourage local manufacturing and reward those who have already invested.”

“We will not rest on our laurels and take it easy since we believe every day is a chance for improvement.”

“Medtronic is one of the first companies to explore value-based healthcare.”

“2018 was a difficult year for our country as a result of the economic fluctuation and the devaluation of the lira in the second half of the year.”

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