“In Mexico, we have been helping companies pivot or adapt their models to the new reality through our learning programs.”

“The use of electronic tools, an electronic curriculum, and virtual labs for the sciences needs to be enhanced and made more widely available.”

“One of the main challenges is that there is no one to copy from, so we had to go to Turkey.”

“Among private hospitals groups in Turkey, we lead the world in robotic organ transplants from live donors with Dr. Volkan Tuğcu taking the lead at Memorial Bahçelievler Kidney Transplant Center.”

“Digital-first systems are in NEOM’s DNA, and our health and wellbeing systems are no exception.”

“We have undertaken numerous projects in Saudi Arabia. Roche has established several referral centers for COVID-19 testing.”

"The sudden halt of face-to-face activities due to COVID-19 was not a huge disrupter for SEU."

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