“In 2012, we managed to open up our agreements with the social security institute to put a limitation on our exposure under that payment structure.”

“Our constitution states that the country—the government—will guarantee access to everybody, but sometimes those same authorities then state that part of this responsibility comes to the private sector.”

“Ashghal is implementing GSAS standards in all its public buildings in Qatar, specifically in educational and health buildings.”

“The country’s ability to keep business as usual going in this context is an outstanding example of the quality of the Qatari leadership.”

“The number of initiatives that support SMEs has increased, including incubators and educational support, which is where Injaz has a direct role.”

“The feasibility studies and surveys have helped us in understanding that the outreach of supportive services is the area that needs to be tapped.”

“Using AI to manage hospitals is another area in which the UAE is advancing.”

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