"Lebanon is hosting over 1.5 million Syrian refugees with a cost estimated at 5% of GDP."

"In 2016, there was a significant drop in new entrants to the market, which was influenced by the introduction of the new capital requirement regulation."

"In 2017 a 5% surtax on imports of all locally manufactured products was implemented."

"Automation is at the core of our work, so the patient has faster access to the required medical service while the potential for human error is significantly decreased."

"Saudi Arabia's fiscal policies have helped enhance financial stability and support economic growth."

"In fact, all three major rating agencies Fitch, Moody’s, and S&P have reaffirmed Colombia's rating two notches above investment grade (BBB)."

"The areas within the responsibility of the CMB may be classified into three main groups: primary markets, secondary markets, and financial intermediation."

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