"We hope to go beyond the 49% sourced from local banks and bring that figure down even lower to 42% or 44%."

"The primary reason why the brokerage industry collapsed in early 2010 in Kazakhstan was due to the reforming of the institutional investors here."

"Al Hilal Bank’s decision was very much a product of the growing ties between the UAE and Kazakhstan."

"2016 and 2017 were great years for Gargash, particularly in relation to new business and client acquisitions."

"At the beginning, there were many private companies listed and active in the stock market. This is not the reality today."

"We sit here in Jamaica; however, our market as far as we are concerned is global."

"This year, we expect to buy MYR10.5 billion and issue MYR11 billion, which is a large increase from last year."

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