“Opportunities are growing, and so is the interest of international investors in the field.”

“Absa is the fourth-largest bank in Mozambique, with a 7% market share.”

“We set a goal in 2015 to increase participation banks' share of total banking assets to 15% by 2025. By the end of 2019, this figure reached 6.3%.”

“Trust must be earned through knowledge, awareness, and results. Patience is key.”

“As a stakeholder of the investment industry, while being a nonprofit gives us a unique vantage point and position us to achieve our vision of an elevated financial industry.”

“If we compare ourselves to countries like Chile that have social similarities, we observe they enjoy greater financial inclusion.”

“In addition to reduced tariffs, the industry in line with the Loan-to-Deposit (LDR) policy will be looking to grow their loans aggressively.”

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