"Vision 2030 strongly provides myriad opportunities spanning social and community-related projects."

"We hope to go beyond the 49% sourced from local banks and bring that figure down even lower to 42% or 44%."

"The primary reason why the brokerage industry collapsed in early 2010 in Kazakhstan was due to the reforming of the institutional investors here."

"We are planning to have more direct host-to-host links with banks in the Philippines, Pakistan, and Nepal."

TBY talks to Nicole Reich de Polignac, CEO of BNP Paribas Cardif in Mexico, on medium-term expectations, the effects of technology on the insurance market, and data analytics.

"Our efforts began in Russia, and we subsequently expanded into Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and China."

"As a group the goal is to achieve 100 million customers within the next five years."

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