“HSBC has been in Oman for 70 years, which is at east 20 years longer than any other bank.”

“The Credit Bureau Law was passed in 2010 in Jordan, making it possible to establish a credit bureau.”

“We want people to have a great experience from a customer service point of view, and we try to reduce the possibility of moral hazard along every part of the chain.”

“Our strategy is to stay focused on Nigeria and look for opportunities there so that if the fundamentals are right, we can invest.”

“We believe strongly that in order to create a sustainable and successful business one must be focused on successfully addressing ESG issues.”

“QIB the first and largest Islamic bank in Qatar with a current market share of 42.3% in Islamic assets.”

“IFRS 9 is designed to bring more transparency, accountability, and efficiency to financial institutions across the world through high-quality accounting criteria.”

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