“All companies operating in Mozambique must include a chapter in their development plan explaining how they are going to employ, train, and enable people from the local population.”

“The mining sector in Mexico is very well regulated and organized, so for us it was easy to implement new health measures to halt the spread of COVID-19.”

“Our target is to become the leader in the market for oil companies.”

“As Mexicans, we need to get rid of the mentality of waiting for work. We should try to export our talent and see what we can do somewhere else.”

“We want to help all five sectors to decrease their energy bill.”

“The use of radioactive materials makes it a risky industry, and we are ramping up oversight activities while keeping in mind social distancing required by COVID-19.”

With its clear set of directives and ability to conduct all the due diligence with boards, shareholders, and the workforce, Catalyst has helped spur some of the UAE's leading start-ups, including De L'arta, Solva, and BonApp.

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