“As Mexicans, we need to get rid of the mentality of waiting for work. We should try to export our talent and see what we can do somewhere else.”

“We want to help all five sectors to decrease their energy bill.”

With its clear set of directives and ability to conduct all the due diligence with boards, shareholders, and the workforce, Catalyst has helped spur some of the UAE's leading start-ups, including De L'arta, Solva, and BonApp.

Though the region is still heavily dominated by hydrocarbons, Siemens has been engaged with tenders for renewables plants across the UAE.

In addition to making a huge impact on the domestic sector, TAQA has recently completed large and successful projects in Morocco, Ghana, Iraq, and the Netherlands.

In addition to developing effective and innovative strategies that encourage a greater uptake of renewable energies, IRENA also gives guidance on the best sustainable technologies.

DoE seeks to ensure Abu Dhabi is able to balance the competing interests in terms of ensuring the security of energy and water supply, the sustainability of the energy sector, and the costs to end consumers.

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