“We bring in our Shell expertise and share knowledge with our joint ventures, and where necessary we support them in delivering improvement programs.”

“One of the core themes formulated in the Vision 2020 was the development of human resources and capabilities of Omani nationals.”

“We have on average allocated between JOD8-10 million per year for CSR programs, which is sometimes as much as 10% of our net income.”

“We have something that the entire industry in Nigeria agrees on: the best community program.”

“The branches were focusing on only selling generators and servicing generators, so we added showrooms to the branches.”

“We currently contribute 50% of today’s capacity of 500,000 tons.”

“We are in the 4th industrial revolution and the world is now talking about digitization, but it's s true to say that in Portugal the first steps towards digitization began about 20 years ago.”

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