“We have been innovating with technology, waste collection, and disposal.”

“To mitigate the risk of the effect of this wave of the pandemic, we have to consider business practices before the pandemic and after as completely different.”

“Our entry into Mozambique and the Rovuma Basin is a very strategic play for us because Mozambique’s geographic location will allow us to serve all the emerging LNG markets in the world.”

“Mozambique has some of the highest tariffs for transit in the continent, which makes us completely non-competitive.”

“We are exploring market opportunities on the mining sector in other three countries.”

“The mining sector in Mexico is very well regulated and organized, so for us it was easy to implement new health measures to halt the spread of COVID-19.”

“We are present in Morocco in power production with 1,700MW of installed capacity with the Tarfaya wind farm (301MW) and the Safi thermal plant (1,386MW).”

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