"Portugal has made important strides in terms of reinforcing its competitive fundamentals while also putting the house in order from a macroeconomic point of view."

"Following a rough start in 2008 due to the global financial crisis, we managed to rationalize our portfolio."

“Since 2006, we have driven a great shift in terms of the number of standards adopted.”

“We have already joined a consortium as a developer with three big players and are bidding for a 600,000m3/day desalination plant.”

"Colombia's GDP for 2017 will likely be around 1.7%, while that of Medellín has grown about 7.1%."

"From our beginnings, we have supported more than 290 FDI projects in our city, and more than 32,000 jobs have been generated thanks by these new companies."

TBY talks to Emilio Uquillas, Country Representative of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), on developmental challenges in Mexico, income inequality, and improving water infrastructure.

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