“As the world continues to innovate, so do we. Qatar is an increasingly self-reliant country that continues to empower its people and create a sustainable and smart country for future generations.”

"We have, as a mission, the diversification of the economy."

“We have signed MoUs with local entities, business associations, academic centers, and foreign institutions. We are dealing with certain Brazilian institutions and have an MoU with Afrochamber.”

“There have been positive steps toward more effective and fair taxes with less uncertainty, which will benefit investors going forward.”

"The north of Mexico, in particular Monterrey, is an interesting place for investment."

“We have developed a diversification plan with Central and South America, though the reality is that 80% of Mexican exports go to US.”

“Due to the strong economic links with our partners in North America, Mexico has become a powerhouse in the automotive, aeronautical, and information technology sectors.”

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