"Our target by 2020 is to double the current bilateral trade between the UK and UAE from the current GBP12 billion plus per annum."

"The Ministry has spared no effort in introducing several initiatives with the private sector to provide thousands of employment opportunities for job seekers and ensure the stability of local workers in their jobs."

"In terms of Omanization, around 86% of our staff at Be'ah are Omani."

"Chiapas, for example, has a Human Development Index 20% lower than Mexico City."

"Costa Rica captured close to 45% of the investments that were made in the entire region related to shared services centers."

"We expect that over the next 15 years, Sangster International Airport will see investments of over USD100 million."

“Jamaica’s financial crisis in 1997 had a massive impact on the financial landscape and economy at large.”

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