With operations in 17 countries, OQ has managed to expand, diversify, and strengthen its customer base across the globe.

Featuring luxury properties with every possible amenity while incorporating Omani aesthetics, Muscat Bay promises to be a popular investment destination for Omanis, expatriate residents, and foreigners.

“We have noticed the shift towards remote working, which introduced the idea of hybrid workspaces, where companies started to integrate agile working.”

“At Coca-Cola, we started our World Without Waste strategy in 2018 and designed targets for 2025 and 2030.”

“We are protecting people and companies. The difficult part is now, after the pandemic, where there are different types of risks and challenges.”

“Frontier Spectrum is a global company, developing the most efficient way to deliver pharmaceutical cannabis to patients worldwide.”

“By nature, I am optimistic and I think the world is moving faster since the virus.”

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