"Everyone knows that the land of Iran is the birthplace of a great civilization."

"Given the role and importance of the private sector in economic development, the enhancement and strengthening of the private sector has drawn the attention of policy makers."

"We also ensure that the capital account is open for foreign investors so they can repatriate their profits."

"The CBI aims at curbing broad money growth, with an emphasis on controlling monetary base growth."

"In the coming year we are going to build more than 30 schools around the country."

"We do not use counters, you can come and sit down in our branch and a branch manager can do all of your tasks from just withdrawing cash to processing loans."

"The localization rate depends on the product. For three products, Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 405, and Samand, the localization rate is almost 100%."

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