“We are currently negotiating with some major franchisees in Turkey, Kuwait, and the UAE”

“The money is going to 60,000 farmers, of whom 50% have to be women and another third or so have to be young people.”

"We also work closely with our clients to tailor their specific gifts with a unique packing with dates as the national treasure rather than sending plain dates only."

“We want to go from the current agricultural system to a precision one for many reasons.”

"It allows us to have a small hub in the Caribbean, for example, from where we can export to Trinidad, Jamaica, and Cuba."

"Dos Pinos is the most important milk producer in Costa Rica, and we are the absolute leaders in the local dairy industry."

“15,000 tons of cooked food is wasted per day in Malaysia, of which 3,000 tons can in fact be consumed.”

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